Craig O'Dear for US Senate

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This campaign gives the people of Missouri a real choice. It is an opportunity to choose pragmatic problem solving over endless hyper-partisan warfare. We must unite, recover our sense of community, and put our country ahead of party. Join the team that has the vision and the plan.

Giving voters an alternative for a better America

Our two-party political system no longer serves the people. It delivers division and gridlock instead of practical solutions to our problems. Something has to change. Missourians, and Americans, deserve better. They deserve leaders who listen thoughtfully and act independently, instead of following orders from party leadership and billionaire funders, and engaging in endless partisan warfare. 

About O'Dear

Join me. Declare your Independence. Let's build a better future for America.


We all care about important issues. But partisan politicians use difficult issues to divide us. Instead, we should seek common ground, compromise, and work together toward reasonable solutions. This campaign is about giving the people of Missouri an opportunity to take a stand for independence, and to work toward rebuilding a sense of community and shared responsibility.
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Changing the partisan political system is no small undertaking. We need people like you to get involved and help us. Join Craig as he charts a new path for Missouri!