Media: February 16th

Take a look at some of the launch day media coverage of Craig's announcement and how we're poised to make history this year by sending him to the US Senate — make sure to share the news on Facebook.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Independent candidate O’Dear formally enters Missouri's ‘hyper-partisan’ U.S. Senate race

"Kansas City attorney Craig O’Dear will formally enter Missouri’s U.S. Senate race on Thursday as an independent, banking on an anti-partisan theme in what is shaping up as one of the most quintessentially partisan races in America this year.”

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The Kansas City Star:
Independent candidate could complicate Senate race for McCaskill, Hawley

"O’Dear does not plan to caucus with either party if he is elected to the Senate. He said that the fact that the federal government has faced a shutdown twice in the span of two months demonstrates the dysfunction caused by the party system.

'The problem in the United States Senate is everything is controlled by two caucuses...We have got to find a way to introduce some non-caucus space in this country,' he said.”

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NBC News:
An interesting development in Missouri

"Independent candidate Craig O’Dear is jumping in the race, and it could mean a headache for both McCaskill and Hawley.”

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Independent Voter News:
Prominent Missouri Attorney Launches Independent Campaign for US Senate

"Another major independent campaign officially announced its launch Thursday...'Our country is at a historically difficult moment,' says O’Dear. 'The hyper-partisan warfare of [the Republican and Democratic] parties is a major part of the problem.'"

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Springfield News-Leader:
Kansas City attorney Craig O'Dear announces independent U.S. Senate bid

"O'Dear said issues that need to be addressed include "healthcare, immigration, environmental protection, and our exploding national debt." His independent status will help him end congressional gridlock and allow him to "serve the people of Missouri untethered to any political party," O'Dear said."

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We're off to a great start — and we couldn't do it without your early support. Stay tuned and spread the word!

This is only the beginning. 

Craig O'Dear for U.S. Senate