72% of Missourians Say They Would Consider Voting for an Independent for U.S. Senate This November

Independents, the largest voting block in America, are prepared to elect an Independent U.S. Senator in Missouri.

In a recent poll of Missouri voters, 72 percent of respondents indicated that they would be willing to consider voting for a qualified Independent candidate to be Missouri’s next U.S. Senator. “This confirms what we have been hearing since we launched our campaign,” said Craig O’Dear, Missouri’s Independent candidate for U.S. Senate. “Missourians want innovation in Washington and in the United States Senate. Electing one more Republican or one more Democrat will not change anything, and people know that.”

It is evident that a significant percentage of voters would consider another qualified candidate. With the polling showing McCaskill’s approval rating at 40 percent and Josh Hawley’s at 28, the race is developing as a replay of the November 2016 presidential election, when the two major parties nominated two candidates disfavored by a majority of the voters. This creates an opening for O’Dear.

Five months in from the start of the campaign, with five months to go, the opportunity is for O’Dear to build name recognition with the 82 percent of respondents not knowing or not having an opinion of him. O’Dear’s campaign has been laying the groundwork for a digital campaign strategy that took a statewide candidate in the 2016 election cycle from zero to 50% name recognition in 90 days.

“As we get deeper into summer, more people will start focusing on the race. We will win this election by continuing to build name recognition and voter awareness over the next five months leading up to the November election. I have met with hundreds of voters all over Missouri who are inspired and energized by our message to end division and gridlock and bring innovation to Washington.”

The poll was conducted May 16 through May 22 to a randomized sample of Missouri voters with 805 respondents completing the survey. The full results can be viewed in the attached document.

O’Dear, a successful corporate trial lawyer from Kansas City, Missouri, was raised in Northeast Missouri on a hog and cattle farm. He received his undergraduate degree in engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and his law degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Law. He is running as an Independent for the United States Senate seat now occupied by Claire McCaskill.

Craig O'Dear for U.S. Senate