Healthcare is a fundamental human necessity. Any pro-growth, pro-business vision for the future must include a high quality, stable, and efficient healthcare system. Healthy people enjoy a higher quality of life. They work more, earn more, and pay more in taxes. In America, we spend twice as much per capita on healthcare, with outcomes no better, and in some cases, worse, that many countries. We must work toward a more effective and efficient business model in healthcare, and toward a lower uninsured rate. We need greater focus on mental health issues, which has impacted so many families, including our own, as well as assistance for those struggling with opioid and other addiction problems. The result would be happier, healthier, and more productive people.

Healthcare is the classic issue which illustrates the cost of partisan gridlock. Elected leaders in Washington have been at war for years, constantly arguing about the ACA or “Obamacare.” All of this noise—which has been about health insurance, not our healthcare system—has resulted in division and stalemate. All the while, our real and complex issues in healthcare go not just unresolved, but unaddressed.

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