Rural Broadband

Missourians should have access to affordable, high-speed internet.

This should be our nation’s top infrastructure priority. Government should work with internet providers to incentivize the construction of high-speed broadband access in rural and small town America, as well as the underserved areas in urban America.

Increased broadband access would lead to substantial economic growth. One study by the Hudson Institute estimated that rural broadband companies added $24.1 billion to the economies of states in which they operated in 2015. In the history of America, infrastructure investments have pushed our country forward in significant ways.

Construction of the nation’s interstate highway system created the backbone of one of the world’s greatest domestic transportation systems. Creation of the Rural Electric Administration brought electricity to rural America. Both investments created opportunities where there were none, and both investments continue to pay dividends to this day.

We need a national commitment to affordable, high-speed broadband access to place everyone in our country “on the grid” in much the same way as we did with roads and electricity. The result would be a significant expansion of economic opportunity for millions of Americans, and the investment would pay dividends for decades to come.

Will you sign?