Craig O'Dear on the Abortion Issue

Abortion is one of the most difficult and divisive issues in our country. Extremists on both sides of this issue demand a binary choice--you must either be pro-life or pro-choice. Neither label describes my views. I am pro-life AND pro-choice. Traveling the state and talking to people, I have come to believe that most people share this view.

Leading from the middle on immigration

72% of Missourians Say They Would Consider Voting for an Independent for U.S. Senate This November

In a recent poll of Missouri voters, 72 percent of respondents indicated that they would be willing to consider voting for a qualified Independent candidate to be Missouri’s next U.S. Senator. “This confirms what we have been hearing since we launched our campaign,” said Craig O’Dear, Missouri’s Independent candidate for U.S. Senate. “Missourians want innovation in Washington and in the United States Senate. Electing one more Republican or one more Democrat will not change anything, and people know that.”

The Kansas City Star: For something totally different, independent Craig O’Dear takes a run at the Senate

Most people who go into politics are at the outset assumed to have no chance of winning. How many beyond our current POTUS himself, and our current governor, Eric Greitens, himself, initially imagined that they’d be delivering a victory speech on Election Night in 2016?

VIDEO: Kansas City Star: Two Choices

The Kansas City Star: ‘9.0 earthquake’: Kansas, Missouri at epicenter as independents try to upend politics

Kansas City could be the epicenter of a national political earthquake in November if voters on either side of the state line decide to elect a political independent in a top race.

USA Today Op-Ed by Neal Simon and Craig O'Dear: We're so divided we're helping our enemies. Independents like us can fix this.

We can't expect anything to change without new competition to shake up our two-party system. Americans know it, and they want it.

Craig Speaks About the Issues of Violence and Gun Rights Facing Our Nation

Our nation is in a very difficult moment. People are divided. Answers to tough questions seem hard to come by. Especially surrounding guns in America. Over the years, I’ve gone to my small family farm when I need to think about tough issues. I did that this past weekend.

Media: February 16th

Take a look at some of the launch day media coverage of Craig's announcement and how we're poised to make history this year by sending him to the US Senate — make sure to share the news on Facebook.

Craig is in!

It's official — Craig O'Dear is a candidate for U.S. Senate!

Craig O'Dear for U.S. Senate